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Artifacts of Consequence

September 22, 2019 by gilsperling

Elanor Fuchs Questions

The play in few sentences

Artifacts of Consequence is about humanity’s legacy.

Artifacts of Consequence asks the question, whether any part of human culture has enduring value.

In Artifacts of Consequence, several years after some form of apocalypse has left humanity in ruins, a small group is in charge of an underwater facility containing a few hundred people selected for re-population. Their main task, besides maintaining the survival of the facility and its inhabitants, is selecting items to be salvaged from the remains of human civilization, then filing and storing them in the facility. A conflict develops between Minna, who is in charge of the facility, and Dallas, who is its connection to the outside world, when the cultural rescue project seems to come at the expense of precious resources needed for survival. As conditions outside and inside deteriorate and human relationships are severed, Minna abdicates her role and commits suicide. When the vessel closes itself down into hibernation, the fate of its inhabitants and its cultural cargo is bleak.

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