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Broker Dealer Agreement

September 13, 2021 by gilsperling

This broker-dealer agreement can be executed in several counterparties, each of which is an original and all representing the same instrument. If traders are used in this offer, the trader`s manager will make economically reasonable efforts to ensure that these traders comply with all their respective obligations in accordance with the participating broker-dealer agreement. . Parties: BLACK CREEK DIVERSIFIED PROPERTY FUND INC. | Black Creek Capital Markets, LLC | Black Creek Diversified Property Fund Inc | Black Creek Diversified Property Operating Partnership LP | Black Creek Exchange LLC Document Date: 05.03.2020 Governing Law: New York The auction agent must have entered into a broker-dealer agreement with each dealer broker before participating in an auction. Parties: TESLA, INC. | | Panasonic Energy Company | SANYO Electric Co, Ltd | Tesla Motors Netherlands BV | Tesla, Inc Document Date: 29.10.2019 Parties: RREEF PROPERTY TRUST, INC. | GERMANY AM DISTRIBUTORS, INC | RREEF PROPERTY OPERATING PARTNERSHIP, LP | RREEF PROPERTY TRUST, INC Document Date: 17.02.2017 This broker-dealer agreement is not considered to be totally or partially modified, supplemented, cancelled, cancelled or cancelled, unless it is a written document signed by a duly authorized representative of the parties. All obligations of traders are proven by a participating broker-dealer agreement, unless the dealer manager obtains the prior written consent of the company….

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