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Clinical Site Agreement

September 14, 2021 by gilsperling

As a sponsor and location, you want to prepare for the termination of the contract. What happens if the sponsor or site quarrels? At the site level, the roles and responsibilities of the Head of Investigation, particularly when it comes to delegated sponsorship missions, should be documented and agreed upon (see Sponsorship Station). In the event that there is a compliance audit that questions financial payments to the research site, the project description may provide clarification. Data from a clinical trial are the property of the study sponsor, unless otherwise agreed. These model agreements apply to health services in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; They replace the national versions of 2011. The accompanying guidance notes provide more general information, an overview of changes from the 2011 versions, and other information on how the models should be used and under what circumstances. The purpose of this section is to document the agreement between the website and the sponsor on the duration of the duration of the study data storage period (usually at least two years) after the end of the study. Kunal is the founder of the Clinical Trial Podcast, a podcast and blog platform for clinical research experts. Its purpose is to interview leading experts in clinical trial management to help you accelerate your career and be a more effective leader. He enjoys associating like-minded people, bringing new ideas and immersing himself in a continuous learning environment. Finally, this section of the agreement should clearly indicate where the site must send invoices (name and contact details of the person) as well as the terms of payment (example: payment is made within 45 days). Sponsors undertake to declare the results of the study for ethical reasons.

In contrast, clinicians are excited about the idea of publishing research data. Launched in February 2011, the Model Industry Collaborative Research Agreement (MICRA) aims to support clinical research cooperation involving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, universities and NHS organisations across the UK. It is not surprising to us that clinical research is a regulated sector. Just like your auto or health insurance policy, sites, CROs, and sponsors typically have insurance for clinical trials to protect themselves or the parties to a clinical trial. This section of the agreement is often overlooked by sponsors, CROs, and sites. The purpose of this section is to explicitly indicate the description of the research project. You would like to document the overall purpose of the agreement in this section. Sponsors, CROs and sites have a serious responsibility to comply with the study protocol, laws and regulations of the state. The content of contracts and agreements should include: whether you are new to clinical research agreements or a contract ninja, at any time there is at least one agreement you could imagine, which could have been formulated differently. . . .

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