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final project concept

December 2, 2019 by gilsperling

My final project will be a development of the sound project I made with Sheng.

It brings together two things I love: 12-tone music and early 2000’s Techno/Electro. Both musical genres use algorithmic principles.

12-tone or serial music is often accused of being too cereberal – could it be danceable?

Vi Hart, twelve tones
A thoughtful analysis and visualization of the principles of atonal music, and a rather successful attempt at making it more approachable
ol’ Atonal music
Schoenberg piano pieces
Vitalic – La Rock 01
Tom Neville

Sound layers:

drums 1 – bass drum
drums 2 – kick drum
drums 3 – high pitch, quick tempo
synth 1 – low pitch
synth 2 – high pitch
ambiance sound

Code structure:

  1. create a random tone row, store its values in an array.
  2. assign each sound layer values based on the tone row and its permutations.
  3. For percussion sounds, the tone row values will decide where in the bar the beat gets played.
  4. For melodic sounds, the tone row values determine the pitch
  5. For the voice, the tone row values determine what words get sung/spoken
(select: electronic)

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