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Final project proposal

February 28, 2020 by gilsperling

Brief description: Synthesize new music by running visual/textual representation of music through visual/language deep learning models

Two possible pathways to experiment with:
a. train styleGAN/style transfer on datasets of sheet music, and create new musical notation – try to see if what comes out is playable

b. train GPT-2 on datasets of music represented as MIDI notes, create new music through it, and play it.

To make the datasets more consistent I will focus on the works of one classical composer.

I have been interested in the music of Richard Wagner and have worked on applying music from Wagner’s operas to new text in a different language. This work was done by mere humans, no machines were involved.

There is something very reductive about the Style Transfer models for painters – there’s something that feels fitting about applying that reductivism to Wagner’s music, a man who contributed more than anyone to the myth of the unique genius composer.

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