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Final Project- Simulation

March 23, 2020 by gilsperling

Prompt: Rhythm

A musical experience through architecture – using an interactive experience in VR to advance the understanding of musical concepts or expand on the meaning and emotional effect of a piece of music.


Using a musical interface, like a midi keyboard, to navigate through the space while also playing music

Take a specific piece of music and realize it spatially.
As you explore the space you unlock different elements of the piece.
Musical material (likely candidate): Wagner’s Ring.
Use musical Leitmotifs as jumping points that connect spaces.

Build the space based on the structure of an orchestra – create objects for the instruments that are animated and play music

user interaction – conducting?

In an effort to consolidate projects from multiple classes, I am trying to combine themes from Synth Arch, Music Interaction Design, and Cabinets of Wonder (musuem/exhibit design class).

Focal points of the project will be sound design in UE4, creating interfaces (i.e. playing a harp with a controller), and input from external sources (MIDI, microphone, Max/Tone.js?)

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