Gil Sperling

video, stage and music


The New York Times
“And did I mention those fish that magically swim across the pages of open manuscripts? Gil Sperling is the video designer.” Ben Brantley, New York Times, reviewing “Uriel Acosta: I want that man!”

NY Theatre Guide
“Gil Sperling’s video design intersects with the action on stage in surprising and clever ways, evolving the story and giving a moving backdrop to the potent absurdism on stage.” Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide, reviewing “City of Glass”

New York Theatre Review
“The sound and video design by Jane Shaw, Gil Sperling, and Jared Mezzocchi is quite remarkable.” Victoria Teague, New York Theatre Review, reviewing “Trade Practices”

LABA Journal
“I began from a desire to bring together these two cultural elements – Wagner and Yiddish. I felt that there was a strong pull between them, but simultaneously a potentially explosive attraction.” Interview with Hanan Elstein about “A Yiddishe Wagner”.

Ynet (hebrew)
“I am fascinated with the human voice and what classical music does with it. So my connection with Opera makes sense, although I would characterize our relationship as complicated.” Interview to YNET about “Don Giovanni”

Opernnetz (german)
“Gil Sperling (video) creates an absolutely coherent environment.” Opernnetz, reviewing “Don Giovanni”