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Self-portrait assignment

September 9, 2019 by gilsperling

The process was all-in-all enjoyable. There’s a funny sense of achievement in doing something that you could have done in a much simpler way (by drawing or using Photoshop).

Since I wanted to improvise inside the medium of code, I did not start from a sketch. This led to it being difficult to change things like scale and relative sizes mid-coding. I imagine this will become easier when we start using variables, but it also points to the importance of planning the code out before starting.

One thing that’s tricky for me to adjust to is the difference in nature between coding and systems I’m familiar with, like layer-based video editing and node-based live media programming. In Premiere I can apply properties to a layer, and move layers around easily. In Isadora I can place an effect in the visual path between an input and an output and see its isolated effect. In p5.js, when I write an attribute like fill it applies to everything that comes after it, while other commands like filter apply backwards to everything that’s on the canvas. It feels like coding requires more detailed planning and is less naturally adjusted to an improvisatory, “fly by the seat of the pants” type of work.

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