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Skim Agreement Meaning

October 8, 2021 by gilsperling

If you know how to hover and scan while reading, you don`t need to read everything in depth and you will be able to relieve some pressure from your brain. In addition, these two reading techniques save a lot of valuable time. Even in business communication, many people hover over letters and only read the first and last paragraph. Skimming is the other fast reading technique. Skimming is the act of flipping through a text to gather a basic idea about that text. For example, if you want to read an interesting article in the newspaper and you don`t have time to read more than one article, you`ll hover over most of the article to decide exactly which article you want to read. Skimming also saves a lot of value if you know how to hover over text effectively. Familiarity with the hardware allows you to hover over a large part of it and stop only when needed. Digitization is the act of searching for specific information in a text with a certain approach. For example, if you want to know the meaning of the word “virtuous” in a dictionary, first look for the letter V, then I, then R; By then, you`ll probably have found the word.

This search is called scanning. It is a fast reading technique. 3with object (a little) read quickly to note only the important points….

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