Gil Sperling

video, stage and music

Sotto Voce

A multimedia musical theater piece for soprano and her vocal organ.

An opera singer goes on a voyeuristic inner journey, to retrieve the ability to raise her own voice. Her encounter with it creates both dissonance and resonance.

Claudia Herr – Soprano
Gil Sperling – Idea, Text and Video
Andreas Staffel – Music
Georg Steker – Idea, Text and Dramaturgie
Annika Vogt – Idea, Text and Direction
Prof. Tadeus Nawka, M.D. – Medical Assistance

Performed at the festival “Ankunt neue Musik” at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, September 2011
Sotto voce is a winner of the operare 11 competition for new musical theater productions.
In cooperation with Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin e.V and