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Tcs Non Immigration Agreement

April 13, 2021 by gilsperling

I work for an Indian IT consulting firm. For 20 months, in the United States, I have been working on an on-site project at the client`s house, on H-1B Visa. My client wants me to work full time, but I have this non-compete clause with my current employer which says I cannot accept or seek a job with the client for at least one year after the end of my international engagement. Normally, I saw that TCS had a clause in their agreement with the client, namely that they could not hire their employees directly for 6 months after they left TCS. Now it depends on the contract they have with your company. But usually, this is the trend that all large Indian IT companies follow. Your client (who offers this work) will know more about what he has registered with TCS. In my case, the non-competition agreement between me and my employer is that I cannot reach the customer directly or through another supplier, at least 1 year from the date I cornered my employer. Are such agreements/agreements valid in the United States? Can I simply ignore this agreement and terminate my current employer to join the client? Here are the answers in good conscience: Normally, I saw that TCS has a clause in their agreement with the customer, that they cannot hire their employees directly for 6 months after they leave TCS. Well, it depends on the contract… Is this a violation of the treaty? Will it affect me if I file a green card application? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Yes, it would be a breach of contract with TCS if you did not meet the full notice period.

But there are ways to solve this problem, as I mentioned in the article above. You can always buy the notice if you do not want to return to India and present yourself with full notice. If your client makes you a job offer and wants you to join, he must first receive your VISA (if H1B) is transferred to him. If you are on L1, you must first ask for H1B. Hello Anil, I have been working for Client A and TCS for 10 months. The release of TCS on site is subject to U.S. law. No borrowing money.

Join the customers` direct payslip. Complete the full -final tally to get a letter of proficiency for the green card. Hello Satish, you entered the client company? Has TCS created any legal problems? I am in a similar situation and I am seeking advice. I look forward to your response.

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