Gil Sperling

video, stage and music

hot dark matter

JACK, March 2016

Choreographed by Stacy Grossfield

Performers: Tuva Hildebrand, with Rebecca Warner, Stacy Grossfield, and Dana Florin-Weiss, Monica Hunken, Kadence Neill, plus Joomin Hwang, Daren Liff, Kevin Luparello, Stephen Zuccaro

hot dark matter – video design by Gil Sperling from Gil Sperling on Vimeo.

Lighting by Joe Levasseur
Video by Gil Sperling
Wearable sculptures by Jeremy Lydic
Set design by Stacy Grossfield and Curtis Eller with Walter Dundervill and Kevin Lovelady
Costumes by Stacy Grossfield
Music by Olivier Messiaen