Gil Sperling

video, stage and music

Trade Practices

HERE Arts Center, August 2014

A HERE Artistic Director Production

Conceived by David Evans Morris
Created by Kristin Marting & David Evans Morris
Written by Erin Courtney, Eisa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, KJ Sanchez, & Chris Wells
Directed by Kristin Marting    
Set Design by David Evans Morris
Composed by Xander Duell
Sound Designer and Co-Composer: Jane Shaw 
Video Design by Gil Sperling
Additional Video Content by Jared Mezzocchi 
Costume Design by Elizabeth Bourgeois 
Lighting Design by Natalie Robin 
Music Directed by Larry Heinemann
Fight Choreography: Qui Nguyen 
Assistant Directed by Tara Ahmadinejad

A historic building on Governors Island is transformed into a living market through this immersive site-specific event. After a breezy ferry ride, you enter a fun and interactive world of booms and busts, as you follow a fictional currency company’s evolution from family business to publicly-traded corporation. Cash in hand, you get to choose how to invest your time and money.

The video design, initiated by Jared Mezzocchi, supported the immersive experience across four different spaces and included real-time data visualization to enable the live market trading.